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I'm busy writing a new series at the moment. Series title is ALIEN LOVE. The first book is Fantasy Warrior and the second is Odd Coupling. I plan to write several more. These stories take place on Earth after the year 2090. Our planet has been pelted with meteors for months and we've narrowly escaped a doomsday type asteroid. If that weren't enough, aliens from several worlds have finally made their presence known. An empire known as the Alliance wants us to join them. Another, the Tauran Empire, wants something else...

Please send me an email or contact me via facebook and let me know what you think. I'd really love some feedback. Check back for more updates and excerpts.


Feb. 29, 2016:

FYI: Unfortunately, my publisher decided to shut down. I will miss working with her so very much. Right now, all my books have been removed from the retail sites until I can republish them myself. I'm hoping to have most of them back up within a few days. (Crossing fingers and toes) 





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